AITHER NVIDIA HPPU (High Performance Processing Unit)
AITHER Coral HPPU (High Performance Processing Unit)

The aim of the AITHER project is to design, develop and test a miniaturized onboard data processing system based on COTS components primarily for future computationally intensive applications in the field of artificial intelligence. We at Rapid Cubes are responsible for development of a reliable, radiation tolerant system that could perform computationally intensive Artificial intelligence related tasks. The AITHER system has a very high potential to relieve the high-data downlink requirements, which thus increase the efficiency of earth observation and communication missions. The electronics design is optimized for its use in small satellites (nanosatellites and microsatellites) with mass of 10 to 100 kg.


The application areas targeted by AITHER are:

  • Modern neural networks for object classification
  • High-Definition Image Compression

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