Satellite Systems

The TUBiX10 architecture has over 15 years of  accumulated flight heritage during mission S-NET and SALSAT. The advanced and modular architecture allows easy adaption to various nano satellite form factors e.g. 6U/12U/16U and custom design.

Earth Observation

Precise spacecraft dynamics, agile target pointing and reliable attitude control are the key for successful Earth observation. Our platform offers optimized performance for Earth observation missions.

10kg class

TUBiX10/S-NET (25x25x25cm)


16U design for Earth observation with IR payload

Communication (IoT, ISL)

Powerful and adaptable SDR (software defined radio), configurable and deployable antenna aperture and sufficient power generation are the key for communication missions.  Our platform offers optimized performance for e.g. IoT (internet of things), intersatellite-link missions and constellations.

Design for multi-beam IoT application

In-Orbit Verification

Sufficient payload volume, power and high-speed data downlink are the key to verify your space technology in orbit. The RapidBus50 platform offers high performance e.g. for in orbit verification missions.

RapidBus50 for in-orbit verification

AI in Space

We provide space-qualified processor for onboard AI processing to boost your mission. Using artificial intelligence onboard will be a game changer. AI can drastically improve data compression, feature and cloud detection or interference detection.

Rapid Manufacturing

We offer rapid delivery of single satellite or constellation. By owning the technology chain and having long year experience in system engineering of satellite technology, we realize an extremely quick design, development and testing procedure. During the S-NET mission, we succesfully developed and deployed four nano satellites simultaneously into orbit.