In-Orbit Demonstration Flight Opportunity

Explore the frontier of space technology with Rapid Cube’s upcoming In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) Flight Opportunity, tailored for customers seeking to elevate their systems to space heritage by 2025. Our innovative approach involves the development of four cutting-edge 16U CubeSats, offering ample volume for the in-orbit demonstration and validation of groundbreaking payloads. Positioned in a Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) at an altitude ranging from 400 to 500 kilometers, this exclusive opportunity beckons research institutions and companies alike to attain in-orbit verification and flight heritage for their pioneering technologies and systems. Join us on this thrilling journey towards the future of space exploration and technology advancement.

RapidCube-20 CubeSat Bus Platform
CubeSat Class20 kg
CubeSat Size (Stowed)22 x 22 x 44 cm (16U)
Bus ArchitectureFailure-tolerant
Available Payload Mass5-10 kg
Available Payload Volume5U – 11U
Average Payload Power Available15W -30W
Attitude control

Pointing < ± 1° (option: < ± 0.1°)

Pointing < ± 5° (option: < ± 0.5°)

Telemetry and Telecommand

2.0/2.2 GHz (S-band, FDD)

upto 100 kbps (Uplink)

upto 2 Mbps (Downlink)

Data Link

8 GHz (X-band)

upto 100 Mbps

Orbit400-500 km SSO
Design lifetime2 years
In-Orbit Demonstration / In-Orbit Verification
Internet of Things (IoT)
Inter-satellite communication
Earth Observation
Science and Research

What we offer

If you decide to fly on our AICP mission, we will:

  • support in coordinating interfaces between the payload and the spacecraft.
  • support in planning of your equipment’s in-orbit demonstration scenarios.
  • perform periodic reviews until the payload is ready for integration within the spacecraft.
  • perform functional testing of full-spacecraft after integration of the payload.
  • manage and coordinate the launch campaign.
  • provide payload data received from your equipment.

Interested in flying wth us?​

Reach out to us via our contact form and we will get back to you soon.