The OOV-Cube mission is a nanosatellite (10kg) mission with the purpose to demonstrate innovative scientific experiments. It is a joint mission between TU Berlin and Rapid Cubes GmbH, while the nanosat is based on TU Berlin’s successful TUBiX10 platform. The platform has a cube shaped form factor of 25x25x25cm and gained heritage during the S-NET mission (launch of four satellites at 2018) and SALSAT mission (launch 2020). The OOV-Cube satellite is scheduled to launch on 9th July 2024 on Ariane-6 maiden flight.

Hosted Payloads

The experiments which are hosted within OOV-CUBE mission are:

  • In-orbit verification of L band transceiver for intersatellite communication between low Earth and geostationary orbits.
  • Space qualification of Perovskite solar cells.
  • Onboard AI inference and data processing of remote sensing data.
  • Characterization of link parameters for IoT technology (ISM frequency band).

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