About Us

Our Heritage

We are a spin-off from the Chair of Space Technology at Technische Universität Berlin. Our main heritage is the development and operation of nano satellites  and related technology. We have licensed the successful TUBiX10 nanosatellite platform (10kg class), which is already in orbit with 

  • 2 missions (S-NET, SALSAT)
  • 5 satellites
  • more than 15 years of accumulated space heritage.

The mission S-NET is one of the worldwide first nanosatellite missions ever to demonstrate multi-hop intersatellite communication. It consists of 4x TUBiX10 satellites and have been launched at Feb. 1, 2018. Since then, it is continuing Sband intersatellite communication experiments for distances over 250km. 

Our Mission

We provide fast and reliable nanosatellite technology, systems and missions to accelerate your business ans science. 


The founders Mr. Walter Frese and Dr. Zizung Yoon have together 30+ years experience in satellite engineering, satellite communication and spacecraft  dynamics. Together, they led the nanosatellite mission S-NET at TU Berlin to great success.

Walter Frese

Founder & CEO
Spacecraft systems engineering
Satellite communication

  • Leading system engineer for S-NET/TUBiX10 at TU Berlin
  • Mission operation for S-NET & TUBSAT fleet
  • IoT communication (IoL-NET)
  • Micro satellite transceiver development (SCOM, SLINK)
  • Robot technology (DLR space bot cup)
  • Sounding rocket campaign (TUPEX)

Dr. Zizung Yoon


  • Leading project manager for mission S-NET at TU Berlin
  • Formation flight for S-NET formation
  • Fault tolerant attitude control for DLR TET-1 (120kg)
  • IoT communication (IoL-NET) 

Our Partners & Customers